Friday, December 28, 2012

You Should be Writing, Horned Larks, What I'm Reading/Doing Now

I usually write all my blog posts out by hand and then type them later. My mind and my hand writing are more in synch than my mind and my hand typing. I don't really feel a flow from one thought form to another while I'm typing, there's no rhythm is what I'm saying. I keep backspacing and thinking where the keys are instead of meandering from thoughts about what I ate today, and how basil reminds of my under arm odor sometimes, and my fiancee's been wearing long sleeves to bed since it's winter time so I haven't seen her under arm, and though we've been in winter awhile we only recently got snow, and I was worried that I wouldn't see horned larks this winter but lo and behold, there they were picking gravel in the driveway only minutes, it seems, after the snow started flying the day after Christmas.
I guess all those little red squiggles that mean I've misspelled something distract me. But I should be writing all the time, either here or in a notebook, and someday all that writing will be a book someone might want to read, and maybe I won't get any faster at the computer, but I might get more careful, and have less red squiggles on the page, and more of a simpatico relationship with my computer. Maybe we'll make sweet music together, though I'll have to get to know it a lot better first.

The point is, you should be writing, like me. It feels good to come home after a long, long day, a long 11.5 hour workday, I tell you it feels good to come home and make something instead of watch something. It's a small thing, this blog I've been barely keeping, but I have always wanted to maintain one and ruminate wildly or casually on matters of some, great, or no import. Speaking of ruminating wildly, I think Dr. Who is boring. There, I said it. I've only watched the first four episodes, and I promise to watch more as I've been assured the David Tennant episodes are brilliant.

What's the point of a blog? I have nothing to offer tonight. I'm reading a book I found at a library book sale called "The Gods of the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas", and I'm reading the first two issues of Hellboy in Hell, and I'm also reading a retelling of Beowulf for young adults by Robert Nye. I'm sort of bouncing between the pages of each while I write this and take notes for my novel.

I'd love to see some end of the year reading lists, if anyone reading/following the blog would like to share. I'm going to share mine in a few days.

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